I started The Coffee Grl as an outlet to share my unique coffee finds, but over time we morphed into something else that I have a huge passion for - empowering women. As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, it has always been my mission to support other women, educate others, and work together with like-minded individuals.


While I might be "The Grl", YOU are my company, and I am dedicated to offering you products and services that put women and important social causes first.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, influencer, mom, wife, educator, student, community activist, or anything else in between, we are here in this community together.


Noel D'Allacco, Owner & Founder

The Grl & Co.

Learn more about Noel at The D'Allacco Group, LLC

Noel is also the Founder & President of the

Operation Prom National Network, Inc.