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Bad Moms for Mother's Day!

I was highly anticipating trying The Coffee Grl's Bad Moms Blend. Not only does it have a badass name, it boasts hints of chocolate. I'm a girl who loves her chocolate! This coffee does not disappoint, There ARE hints of chocolate and a nuttiness...and as moms we're all a bit nutty, aren't we? It totally fits.

Not only is the theme on point, but this coffee is just a treat to drink. It is so smooth and a bit lighter, so it goes down easy with still that burst of caffeine that we all need. When I first opened the bag, I couldn't help but smell it. It smells just as wonderful as it tastes. This is a very enjoyable coffee that also supports moms in need, where 20% of each purchase goes to help others. It can’t get much better than that. While I’m off to make some more, grab yours along now because it ships free now thru April 30, 2021.

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