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Brownies For All!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Eat brownies, change lives.

fresh greyston brownies

Ok, so these are the brownies that EVERYONE needs to try. Why? Well, not only are they absolutely amazing, but there's a meaningful purpose behind the Greyston brand.

Founded in 1982 in Yonkers, New York, the mission of the bakery was not only to make brownies (and blondies), but to create a business and employment model that would help marginalized people to transform their lives. To date, the "Open Hiring" model that Greyston promotes, offers opportunity to those in need, including on the job training, and community programs, that help break the poverty cycle.

Did I mention millions of brownies are made every year - including for Ben & Jerry's ice creams? Yup, THAT good!

Now, you can try the Greyston Dozen with The Coffee Grl, and our Socially Conscious brand of teas. Learn more and shop here:

For more information on Greyston's programs and products, visit

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