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Pour Over Perfection?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

First of all, I am loving my Gooseneck Water Kettle by bodum. Paired with their Pour Over Coffee Maker - I'm in love!

I am all about efficiency, esthetics and the latest and greatest. I love having products in my house that make my life that much easier since I am always on the go. The kettle has a sleek design and is perfectly sized for any type of counter space. This electric kettle is faster than using your standard stove kettle.

affordable and effective coffee maker

The pour over coffee maker by far is a dream - and affordable at $21.99. You don't need a big bulky machine taking up space in your kitchen. This is perfectly sized to store away in a cabinet. Did I mention this is foolproof? I use my gooseneck kettle, pour it over my freshly grounded coffee and boom in 30 seconds I have a tasty cup of coffee. The biggest plus for the pour over is it comes with a reusable coffee filter. I love this because I am all about the environment and I never have to worry about ordering the disposable ones. Zero waste! I think these are already my favorite gadgets of 2021. Highly recommend you check them out in The Coffee Grl Shop!

pour over coffee maker

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