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Spring Bling with Auburn Jewelry

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Auburn Jewelry

The Grl & Co. has partnered with Auburn Jewelry, a woman-owned company that creates custom sterling silver and enamel pieces. Creative Director and President, Samantha Levine, is the fierce fem behind the brand, and has a blowtorch in hand! Seriously.

Sam’s interest in handcrafting jewelry sparked at age 13 when she toured Horace Greeley High School (in Chappaqua, New York), and saw students crafting jewelry with a blowtorch. Simultaneously, Sam joined Mock Trial, participating in both activities for the duration of high school as she further solidified her passion for both fields.

Later on, Samantha received her minor in Jewelry and Metals from Skidmore College – thus expanding her breadth and depth of metalsmithing techniques. Majoring in American Studies, Sam became further torn between the two careers. She was heavily encouraged to choose the more practical path until ultimately deciding to attend law school. From there, Sam continued to pursue both her passions as she launched Auburn Jewelry in 2013 while still in school. Since graduating, Samantha has taken the risk of choosing the more unconventional route and has been designing and handcrafting her signature style of sterling silver and enamel pieces full-time at Auburn Jewelry. In May of 2018, after two years of sourcing companies, Sam sent her designs into production, taking a big step for Auburn Jewelry.

We're thrilled to have Auburn Jewelry's Daisy Charm featured at The Grl & Co. this Spring!

Daisy Charm necklace

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