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Wake Up with JOE

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

JOE Bath And Body Essentials

The Grl's exclusive line of "JOE" bath and body essentials.

This new collection includes a body scrub, soap bar, and body wash, that will provide you with the benefits that coffee has on your skin:

- caffeine hydrates

- age defying antioxidants

- reduces the appearance of scars

- targets cellulite

I don't have a favorite because every product in the line is amazing. The JOE Bar Soap is perfect for your whole body, and is gentle enough for your face. Just lather with your hands and rub onto your face in a circular motion.

The Scrub O'JOE Body Scrub is a great full body scrub, and can be used daily - especially great just before your shave!

The Shower with JOE Body Wash is a light a smooth body wash, with just enough lather that can also be used as a hair shampoo. So, if you are loving the aroma of coffee, go ahead and pour it all over!

Each of these products are paraben and phtalate free, plus they are vegan, and made here in the USA.

Go ahead and try the whole set for just $36!

Wake Up with JOE Bath Set

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