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A real conversation starter!


Choices of Umeshiso's Rainbow Cupping Spoons:

The Big Dipper

The Little Dipper


The Big Dipper is longer and lighter weight with a wider, flatter bowl. It has dual functionality and works great for both skimming and slurping.

The Big Dipper Specs
Weight: 44 - 46g
Handle Length: 5.5 in / 14 cm
Bowl Diameter: 2 in / 5 cm
Bowl Depth: 0.25 in / 0.6 cm

The Little Dipper is shorter, with a heavier weight and deeper bowl. It's great for long-haul cupping tables because the deeper bowl prevents spillage.

The Little Dipper Specs
Weight: 56 - 58g
Handle Length: 4.5 in / 11.5 cm
Bowl Diameter: 1.9 in / 4.8 cm
Bowl Depth: 0.5 in / 1.1 cm


A percent of the sales from this purchase will benefit Center Lane, an organization designed to reduce the isolation that many LGBTQ young people feel and promote a community culture that is supportive of LGBTQ+ youth.


Umeshiso Coffee Supply promotes inclusion, kindness, and acceptance.

You can learn more and support these organizations by visiting:

Center Lane



Umeshiso's Rainbow Cupping Spoon

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